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With property in Noida seeing appreciation quite fast, real estate investment in the city is worth the idea. With a low cost operation base, Noida has by far attracted the interest from many foreign players and Non Resident Indians (NRIs).

The booming IT, ITES sectors of fast flourishing Noida have certainly played a crucial role in bringing the commercial real estate scenario in the city. And with prominent names in Indian real estate industry settling down for exclusive construction projects focusing on commercial spaces, residential complex as well as malls, the upcoming projects are displaying a growing trend of being booked even before the completion.

With establishment of sky scarpers and roads widening, Noida - the so called poor cousin of the Capital city, is gearing up to carve out its own distinctive niche. And as its first step, the city is attracting interests from all directions. The shifting trend, which had initiated by the IT companies, is being followed by the people now who are looking forward to lead quality life.

Witnessing property boom, this so called poor cousin of Delhi has evolved immensely over a period of time. Earlier, Noida was considered to be the second choice after Gurgaon but now things have changed. The scene is no same and it has come at par with Gurgaon.

While the Noida's residential property continues to be defined by probative prices, the trend seems to attract large interests from potential investors who are being bullish on pouring in money here. The city gears up a new pace for urban modern life in the wake of recent as well as upcoming construction activities. Apartment prices in Noida are somewhere around Rs 3,000 per sq ft. for properties that do not feature amenities to Rs 3,500- 4,000 per sq ft for properties with facilities such as club/swimming pool.

Talking about commercial segment in well planned Noida, they are certainly a convenience feature of every sector. The industrial city enjoys an edge over others as far as rentals are concerned. It offers up to date infrastructure at cheaper rentals if compared to commercial market of other upcoming cities such as Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad.

Presence of a multitude of IT companies in Noida adds to the value of commercial spaces here. Major office complexes of Noida are known to be situated in and around Sector 18, the most happening location in the city. A large part in these commercial spaces is sold out to prospective investors and occupied by several corporate and IT companies on rental basis.

Noida may witness a decent shift in near future, with all the proposed Special economic zones (SEZs) in the city, owing to availability of huge land pieces.

While property prices in Noida are going through the roof, they are still believed to be cheaper than similar properties in Gurgaon by 15%. Commercial property prices too have gone under a change recently.

NRI Real Estate Trends
Noida offers lucrative investment prospects for Non Resident Indians (NRIs), and ensured them to love themselves to have taken the decision to invest in Noida properties. Value of properties in Noida is increasing with each passing day.
Needless to say, NRIs today are one of the most potential and affluent class in the global economic scenario. For that reason, the city throws several options for NRIs to invest across all types of real estate depending on the bite size, risk factors, and ease levels.

First is the Commercial property in Noida, which mainly boasts of office spaces that can easily be acquired by way of lease or for license for a particular span. Here, the commercial property is known to yield you high returns which are nowhere to found. Retail sector in Noida is another option which can be looked upon as decent investment prospect as local retail shops and shopping complexes in the city have been largely replaced by swanky malls.

Demand for commercial properties in Noida is skyrocketing and this is however the best time to make handsome investments. Industry connoisseurs see a phenomenal growth in the very near future. With better infrastructure and world class facilities, commercial properties in Noida are the most sought-after. With ever increasing demand for good property and high rentals in Noida, the returns are excellent and incomparable. Leases are usually for a long term, and renewable with rent escalation clauses.

The city of Noida is fast emerging as a good place for investments in retail, residential or commercial space. Rising demand from IT and BPO sectors in Noida has led to an unparallel increase in capital values for its commercial spaces in the past two years. Grade. Capital appreciation in retail property stands at 20-35 per cent on an average.

Also, Noida offers the most elite experience of living to NRIs, who are scouting the western environ to settle back in the country. Moreover, there is a proposal regarding setting up of NRI City in Sectors 96, 97 and 98 of Noida on an area of 360 acre.

So, high net worth individuals like NRIs can look forward to explore the prospects of making investments in Noida properties for the long term and high return



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